​​Andrew Stephenson

​Edited Books & Special Issues

The Oxford Handbook of Kant
with Anil Gomes
Oxford University Press, forthcoming
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Mind & Knowledge of Mind in Classical Islamic Philosophy

with Tony Booth and Jari Kaukua

​British Journal of the History of Philosophy, forthcoming

Kant and the Philosophy of Mind
with Anil Gomes
Oxford University Press, 2017
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Book Chapters

Kant and Kripke: Rethinking Necessity and the A Priori

​The Palgrave Handbook of German Idealism and Analytic Philosophy

eds. James Conant & Jonas Held

Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming



The Pure Forms of Sensibility
with Anil Gomes
The Oxford Handbook of Kant, eds. A. Gomes & A. Stephenson
Oxford University Press, forthcoming


​The Analytic of Concepts
with Anil Gomes
The Kantian Mind, eds. S. Baiasu & M. Timmons
Routledge, forthcoming

Imagination and Inner Intuition
Kant and the Philosophy of Mind, eds. A. Gomes & A. Stephenson
Oxford University Press, 2017
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On the Relation of Intuition to Cognition
with Anil Gomes
Kantian Nonconceptualism, ed. D. Schulting
Palgrave Macmillan, 2016
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Discussions & Reviews

Kant's transcendental Deduction of the Categories, by Kenneth R. Westphal
Hegel Bulletin, 43(3): 491–496, 2022

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Kant and the Sources of Metaphysics, by Marcus Willaschek
Dialectica​, forthcoming

Logicism, Possibilism, and the Logic of Kantian Actualism
Symposium on Kant's Modal Metaphysics, by Nick Stang
Virtual Critique, 2017
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Manifest Realty, by Lucy Allais
​British Journal for the History of Philosophy 24: 1220-1223, 2016
Submitted | Published

Kant’s Theory of the Self, by Arthur Melnick
European Journal of Philosophy 20: 187-192, 2012 
Submitted |  Published

Custom and Reason in Hume, by Henry Allison
Kantian Review 14: 146-151, 2009​ 
Submitted |  Published

​​​​​​​​​​​​Journal Articles


Existence and Modality in Kant: Lessons from Barcan

The Philosophical Review, 132(1): 1–41, 2023 

Submitted | Published

On the Necessity of Categories

with Anil Gomes and A.W. Moore

The Philosophical Review 131(2): 129–168, 2022

Submitted Published 


Transcendental Knowability and A Priori Luminosity

History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis 25: 1–29,​ 2021

Submitted | Published


Formalizing Kant's Rules

with Richard Evans and Marek Sergot

Journal of Philosophical Logic 49: 613–680, 2020

Submitted | Published


How to Solve the Knowability Paradox with Transcendental Epistemology

Synthese, 2018

Submitted | Published


Relationalism about Perception vs. Relationalism about Perceptuals
Kantian Review 21(2): 293–302, 2016

Submitted | Published


​Kant, the Paradox of Knowability, and the Meaning of 'Experience'

​Philosophers' Imprint 15(27): 1–19, 2015

Submitted | Published


Kant on the Object-Dependence of Intuition and Hallucination

The Philosophical Quarterly 65(260): 486–508, 2015

Submitted | Published


​A Deduction from Apperception?

Studi Kantiani 27: 77–86, 2014

Submitted | Published


Kant on Non-Veridical Experience

Kant Yearbook 3(1): 1–22, 2011

Submitted | Published




My diagram of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason